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Equinix Contracts Schneider Electric’s Data Center Service

« Schneider Electric is the first data center provider with the ability to work with our customers on both the supply and demand side of the energy equation, » said Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Schneider Electric. « By working with a global client like Equinix, we saw the opportunity to offer new approaches to energy procurement which would be able to provide their company significant cost savings, in this case millions of dollars. »

By employing a flexible approach to energy buying, Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data center and colocation provider, is able to manage its power spend like a natural gas hedging program by locking a percentage of its cost in different layers as advantageous market conditions occur. Schneider Electric’s complete line of EMPS and Sustainability Services help customers like Equinix maximize these opportunities through:

  • Full service energy management and procurement
  • Utility bill management (UBM) to ensure billing accuracy
  • Comprehensive Green House Gas emissions reporting
  • Monthly electric variance reporting
  • Resource Advisor energy management platform
  • Annual budgeting
  • Corporate-wide risk management

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