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Event Registration (EVENT: 885979 – SESSION: 1)

Air Liquide: Empowering Field Service Through Mobility

How to Improve Field Productivity and Safety with SAP Mobile Solutions for Maximo

To run smarter, asset-intensive companies must implement bold strategies to take production and service to the next levels. Mobile and GIS solutions offer unlimited potential to transform maintenance operations.

For over a decade, paper work orders have been a thing of the past to nearly 100 Air Liquide field service workers. Join us for an educational Webinar on Wednesday, November 19, at 2 p.m. ET to hear SAP experts and Corey King from Air Liquide discuss the evolution of SAP mobile solutions for Maximo and how Air Liquide is using mobile apps to gain a competitive advantage.

Additionally, by attending the Webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

Discover best practices to effectively mobilize Maximo and competitively improve your maintenance operations

Gain practical advice on selecting appropriate mobile devices for your technicians

See the latest SAP mobile apps for Maximo in action as well as the current roadmap

viaEvent Registration (EVENT: 885979 – SESSION: 1).

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