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Schneider Electric Partners with on Home Energy Management

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, announced a partnership with, a company focusing on interactive security and connected home services, to bring the Wiser home management system to home builders, utilities and other service providers in the energy efficiency space.

According to a release, the partnership capitalizes on Schneider Electric’s global presence in energy management and’s back-end, data-processing and user interface capabilities. Schneider Electric’s Wiser home management system leverages’s Connected Home platform and offers homeowners and property managers the ability to proactively track and manage electricity usage in real-time, monitor the power generated by rooftop solar panels and operate connected thermostats and load control devices more intelligently to reduce energy usage.

Schneider Electric’s Wiser home management system, powered by, connects utilities and consumers. Wiser also enables homeowners to better control energy and save money, with features such as thermostat and lighting control that can be accessed through the web portal,, or the Wiser app, available for Android devices, in addition to iPads, iPhones and iPods. The Company said the simplified, combined offering gives customers visibility and control of household energy use, enables homeowners to drive energy efficiency by reducing or shifting energy use during peak times, and provides customizable settings for optimal comfort. Customers using the Wiser home management system also have an option for extending their energy management services into a whole home security and monitoring solution with’s Interactive Security services, provided by’s nationwide network of authorized security dealers.


«’s platform has been designed to easily integrate the expanding Internet of Things and connect them through a powerful and secure Cloud Service. Through’s partnership with Schneider Electric, we’re powering the tools to enable consumers to understand their home’s energy usage profile and more effectively take action to save energy without sacrificing convenience and comfort. » More information:

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